Several philosophers had some very good and usable advice on the subject of morals, ethics, honor and integrity. But I couldn’t find a single passage with which I agreed 100% and simply share it with you. So I did the horrible thing of compiling and drastically re-editing what others have said on the subject combined with my own thoughts (oh my God) to arrive at a succinct essay on these subjects, with which I do agree 100%. Some fundamentalists will possibly get epileptic seizures after realizing I vandalized the original writings of someone they hold up as practically holy. Yes, to them I will admit this blasphemy. But I’m not very much affected by being considered a heretic when all I’m trying to do is to present data and information I’ve found to be somewhat truthful and somewhat workable and may help another human being. So, here it is (click on the picture or link below):

ethical brain

Morals & Ethics; Honor & Integrity

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