Monthly Archives: November 2015

Swedish Surströmmings-politics

“Whatever one’s opinions may be, I just hope for the sake of the democracy in Sweden that Swedes can be a bit more self-critical and ask if there’s possible something wrong with the surströmmings-politics they are forced to endure every day and take for granted.”

The Islamic State (IS) – What does it stand for, and what are its intentions?

“In so many words, the Islamic State is foremost going after infidels among Muslims and due to their campaign either the hatred from the west (Crusaders) will destroy the “grayzone” (Muslims in the West) or the Jihadist will or they join the Islamic State – there is nowhere for them to hide. Once all the righteous Muslims are united, the western infidels will be next…”

Ska Sverige stänga gränsen och vad betyder detta egentligen?

“Är Sverige redo att handskas med konsekvenserna av att temporärt säga nej till asylrätten och få tiotusentals flyktingar att behöva återvända till någon annastans i Europa, och konsekvenserna detta har för de andra länderna?”