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Interaction – an empirical note to self

“So this made me think, do the fundamental steps to developing anything consist of 1) Survival, 2) Observation and 3) Interaction?”

Dear Nina

“I love your mommy and I love you and I am both proud and very happy that you are now in our lives, despite being only ¼ awake. I really look forward to raise you and see you grow. One day you will be able to read this and we can all look back at how it was in the beginning. Until then, good health and everlasting love to you my dear Nina!”

Coping With Cheap Large Condenser Microphones

“When recording vocals what’s better than a great-sounding large-condenser mic? A great-sounding large-condenser mic that costs less than a high-quality XLR cable, that’s what.”

Propaganda – Example

“Maybe chalk up the ‘inevitable war’ furor to the desperate quest for click-bait by Western outlets who know on what side their access, advertising, and readership bread is buttered (hint: it’s not the China side, at least not…mostly…yet).”

Sweden – Welcome back to “Absurdistan!”

“Who would have thought that visiting Sweden again after 25 years abroad would be an experience tantamount to a digitally impaired man in an Apple store?”


“När jag från andra sidan världen tittar in på Sverige får jag känslan av att vara i ett parallelluniversum. Ett parallelluniversum där politikers uttalanden låter som dialog från Sound Of Music medan hat bland folk i allmänt har brytit igenom ljudvallen. “


“Isn’t it time we change how we view politics and base it on common sense instead of some ideology dreamed up over a hundred years ago when circumstances were utterly different than now?”

PreSonus FaderPort – Making it work with Pro Tools 10 on Windows 7

For all those who have unsuccessfully tried to install the PreSonus FaderPort to work with Pro Tools 10 on a PC running Windows 7, I have provided a step-by-step article which ensures that Pro Tools will recognize the FaderPort as a valid device and that all functions including the motorized fader will work properly. If […]


“We are all captives of the picture in our head – our belief that the world we have experienced is the world that really exists.”


“Only by winning the hearts and minds of the majority of people can you in my opinion embark on a winning strategy. Glorious or inglorious defeat should not be your aim. Hong Kong people do not want chaos and conflicts; they want someone who will make their life better.”