Important Note

I have to make one disclaimer here. Most publications issued here, and which I will issue here, came about after a student of mine or a person I’m helping out needed something specific to study on an exact subject matter. In looking at what was available online, I rarely came across something that existed in a concise but complete form which I could give the person to study.

Much great texts are available for free online, written by much wiser and experienced men than I. However, they are often littered with extra technical vocabulary and jargon which I don’t wish to impose upon a brand new student in a subject. Or, only a few passages cover the area I’m interested in, but the rest is not related to the subject in hand.

So, I started compiling notes from mostly existing sources, which I then edited to simplify the language as much as possible as well as relate it to my own specific experiences, as compared to theirs. I would then further edit the material to flow well from the beginning through to the end.

Due to time and simply a lack of patience I haven’t attempted to credit every single source from which I copied a concept, but should anyone wish to inquire about this, please notify me and I will provide the information.

I’m not the source of much I have covered in these publications, but there isn’t a word which I don’t agree with, and, not a concept with which I personally have experience and can relate to.

With that said, I hope you will enjoy reading these distilled publications, largely compiled from the works of great minds and presented in a form intended to teach and provide knowledge, rather than displaying my own craftsmanship in research and writing.

Thanks, Ulf

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