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Swedish Surströmmings-politics

“Whatever one’s opinions may be, I just hope for the sake of the democracy in Sweden that Swedes can be a bit more self-critical and ask if there’s possible something wrong with the surströmmings-politics they are forced to endure every day and take for granted.”

Ska Sverige stänga gränsen och vad betyder detta egentligen?

“Är Sverige redo att handskas med konsekvenserna av att temporärt säga nej till asylrätten och få tiotusentals flyktingar att behöva återvända till någon annastans i Europa, och konsekvenserna detta har för de andra länderna?”

Sweden and the Syrian refugee crisis – An overview

“It is a like a downward spiral. The more Sweden focuses on receiving refugees, the less money goes to refugee camps, the more refugees leave their camps and come to Sweden, who needs more money to receive them and takes it from the relief and aid portion of the budget which results in even worse conditions at the camps, resulting in more refugees leaving and try to come to Europe – an evil circle without an end.”


“Isn’t it time we change how we view politics and base it on common sense instead of some ideology dreamed up over a hundred years ago when circumstances were utterly different than now?”