Ulf Olofsson is a Swedish sound engineer, mixer and music producer now living and working in Hong Kong.

He graduated college in a small town in Sweden in Science and Technology but spent every available minute in the local A/V center if not in his local music store in order to add a degree in post production to his diploma in Science Civil Engineering.

He started to work for Swedish radio and TV at age 17 and by the age of 20 he immigrated to the US where he spent the next 20 years working in audio and music related productions.

Initially starting out as a sound editor and sound designer he moved on to the art of mixing and apprenticed under the best names in the industry in the various fields of audio and music production including Patrick Baltzell (Academy Awards FOH mixing, Presidential Convention FOH, Superbowl FOH) for live mixing; Ed Greene for broadcast mixing, Bruce Swedien, Alan Sides, Al Schmitt and George Massenburg for music mixing; Gary Bourgeois and Tim Boyle for re-recording mixing (film soundtracks).

With the current mileage meter at 25 years of working experience, thousands of audio-visual products and 30 years of experience as a musician and music composer, Ulf now runs a studio in Hong Kong where he is involved in the local music and film production, having finished work for Shaw Brothers, MBS and Cinedigit for film, and Khalil Fong, Mr. and Endy Chow for music while still working for American and Swedish clients including the Phantom Of The Opera Star Viktoria Tocca and Grammy-Award nominated Skee-Lo.

Or as Ulf would like to sum it up:

“Having worked for/with/under the very best in the fields of music mixing, live audio production, FOH mixing, audio post production for film and TV, audio restoration, Broadcast mixing as well as music composing and sound design, I believe I have amassed a rather large pool of experience, knowledge and application in the fields of music and audio which I’m planning to share with whomever wants to know.

Cheers, Ulf”





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